Irene Fehr

A Cultural Problem in Stigmas, Checking in with Your Mindset, Approaching Shame, The Root Chakra and Sex Connection, Communication Barriers and Building Trust, Monogamous Vs. Polyamorous, Improving Your Sex Life

V in the BAM VAN 

Multiple Sclerosis, Movement, Self-Love, Paleo diet, The BAM Van and v's Mission, Values of CBD Oil


Dr. Lara Briden


Naturopathic Medicine and The Period Repair Manual, Birth Control, PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Managing Carbohydrates, Ovulation, Post-Pill and Mood Regulation

Andy Hnilo

Andy's recovery after his accident, A Passion for Skincare, Creating Your Own Product, How to Nourish Company Growth, Reading The Labels   

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Emily Kiberd

Overcoming the Set Standards in Jobs, Effects of Stress, Belly Breathing, Lifts to Practice for the “Corporate Warrior”, Preventing the Ailments from a Sedentary Lifestyle. Strength Training for Rehabilitation

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Amanda Upson

Life as a Film Producer, Mentally “Checking Out”, Coping Mechanisms, Sheoh, How to Break the Cycle. Whispering EmpressAdvice for Those Seeking that Extra “Unf” 


Jenny Labow

Jenny’s Diagnosis with Epilepsy, A 31-Day Run Across Colorado, riding The Emotional Journey, Being “In the Moment”, Dealing With Injuries and Deciding to Withdraw, Matching Your Goals With Your Priorities, The W.I.L.D. Women

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Dr. Mike T Nelson

Fascia, Breathing Mechanics of the Body, Heart Rate Variability, Metabolic Flexibility, A Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, Intermittent Fasting for Low Insulin, Regulating Carbohydrates

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Dr. Stephen Farmer 

Shamanism, Limitations on Labeling Yourself, Power Animals, Communing with Earth, The Collective Unconscious, The Year of the Whale

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Stefani Ruper

Go-Go Dancing, Coconuts and Kettlebells, Two Complementary Practices of Spirituality, The Happy Carb Balance, Realizing You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too, loving your body

Dr. Steven Lin

The Root of All Dental Diseases, Roles of Vitamins K & D, Vitamin D3 and Parathyroid, Tongue-Tie, Dairy, Nasal Breathing & Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome, Teeth Grinding


Kat Mackinnon

the world of herbalism, Essential Oils, The Idea of Constitution and Temperament, the Power of Flower Essences, Sitting With Your Emotions

Alex Swanson

Nutrition Genomyx, History and Preventative Care, Deep Breathing, Slow Vs. Fast Metabolizers, The Magic in Mushrooms, Depression and Lack of Exposure to the Sun, Geographic Connection and Our Ability to Adapt, Neurotransmitters and Mental Health

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Adam Bornstein

the Fitness Industry, how Extremities Don’t Last,  An Unexplained Autoimmune Condition, Sleep, Overtraining, Self-Improvement, Engaging With Your Community, and willpower

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Diana Rogers 

Farm Life, Documentary: Kale Vs. Cow, What Makes a Healthier Animal, Understanding The Circle of Life, Tips When Shopping for Meat, The Luxury of Worrying About Longevity

Jimmy Moore

Paleo or Keto, Signs of a Fat Burner, Insulin Resistance, Understanding Your Body Through Testing, Exogenous Ketones and Ketone Esters


Anthony Gustin 

How to Manage Many Projects, Breaking Down Big Goals, Avoiding Personal Burnout, Gymnastics: Connective Tissue Training, Delegating More, Exogenous Ketones, Equip products

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Guillermo Ruiz

Thyroid Stimulated Hormone (TSH), Understanding Different Types of Anemia, Benefits of Iron, Discovery at Integrated Health, Guillermo’s Paleo Medicine CabineT, Balancing Your Life’s Venn Diagram

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Jill Pollard 

Energetic Boundaries, Discovering Yourself, The Success Part in Our Makeup, A Daily GPS, Surrendering, Listening, Creating Space, Wealth: Accept or Repel, Jill’s Development as a Psychic

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Ethan Godwin

benefits of KETO, inflammation, how to digest fats better, cordyceps, carbohydrate tolerance for athletes and KETO, protein consumption

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Sarah Morgan 


The Liver, Our Human Blueprints, Methylation and Testing Biomarkers, “Buddies In My Belly,” Probiotics, Finding Your Own Genome


Rachel Balkovec

Being More, The Unglamorous Reality of Work, Finding Time to Train, Crossfit, Olympic Lifting, Baseball, Powerlifting, Habits VS. Non-Negotiable Principles

Diane Sanfilipo 

Awareness of Being a Rebel, A Sugar Relapse, The “All In or All Out” Personality, 3 Categories of Roadblocks, Tools to Practice Self-Care and Being Present, Adrenal Supplements, Creating Time to Recover

Michael Morgan

Craniosacral Therapy, Senile Dementia & Alzheimer’s, The Politics of Functional Medicine, Diabetes, EPIGENETICs, Supplements and Anti-inflammatory Spices, Clearing of Metabolic Pathways

Mary Shenouda

Demanding More, self-loathe/Self-Love, Our Infinity > Our Limitations, Boundaries with People, Competitiveness, Being Content with Not Being Content, Asking People to “Do Better”